iPhone 5S Will NOT Have A Bigger Screen Says Tim Cook

Well according to the CEO of Apple himself, Tim Cook made the statement that Apple currently has no new plans to increase the iPhone’s screen size. He “believes the iPhone 5 has the right size” which will disappoint a few Apple fans who have been waiting for a new iPhone with a screen size similar to its chief rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It’s safe to say that the iPhone 5S will not increase its screen size but what will happen when customers start switching over to the new phablets like Galaxy Note 2 or the bigger Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S4, coming soon)?

The Apple iPad was also once said to have the “perfect screen size” by Steve Jobs, but obviously we all know how that turned out. The iPad Mini came out and it’s stealing a ton of sales from it’s iPad older brother. With that said, don’t lose hope if you’re hoping for a bigger screen Apple iPhone, cause it might just come sooner than you think.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2013/01/bigger-iphone-screen-apple-ceo-tim-cook-says-no/

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